Welcome to Jewel, Indiana

Jewel, Indiana gets a lot more interesting for Marsha once Rigel arrives!  The first two books in the Starstruck series are primarily set in and around Jewel, a town with about 5,000 inhabitants, located somewhere north of Indianapolis and south of Kokomo.

town square with signThough you won’t find Jewel on any maps of central Indiana, that doesn't mean it was entirely fabricated! I spent quite a lot of time driving along the back roads of north-central Indiana, stopping in several different small towns to get a feel for life there. I walked the streets, talked to people and yes, explored a high school or two! (I attended a large, suburb-of-a-big-city school, so needed to learn the differences.) I also wandered through a couple of cornfields, so I can claim firsthand experience of what that feels like (and just how covered with corn…stuff you can get!) As you get to know Jewel and its inhabitants, I hope you'll want to spend more time there and come back to visit often!


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