Starstruck Extras

Short Stories & Bonus Material

A deal to save Rigel’s life forces soulmates M and Rigel to pretend she’s dating Sean, her traditional Consort, instead of Rigel. But surely, after all they’ve been through, M and Rigel deserve one real kiss on their first Valentine’s Day since falling in love? They just need to come up with a plan…

Rigel suspects Trina plans to play a Halloween trick on M during her party, but he’s determined to make M's evening a treat.

Halloween Tricks & Treats is a fun little Starstruck story that expands on the events of The Handmaid’s Secret. This short story occurs two days before the end of The Handmaid’s Secret and three days before the beginning of Convergent.

When another customer unexpectedly drops dead while Rigel is picking up M’s Christmas present, foul play is suspected. But only Rigel realizes that whatever killed the obnoxious old woman was intended for him, instead! He calls upon the other members of the newly-formed Bond Squad to help him unravel the mystery before the killer tries again.

A lighthearted holiday murder mystery set in the quirky small town of Jewel, Indiana, where things aren’t always as they seem…

Authorized Fan Fiction

A lighthearted cozy teen mystery in the style of Sherlock Holmes, set in the world of Brenda Hiatt’s Starstruck series, written by her husband, Keith Barber.