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Since people keep asking (and also to keep me honest–and motivated!) I've decided to start posting my daily/ weekly progress on the writing of Starfall, which will be the fourth (and final, I'm pretty sure!) book in the Starstruck series. It's looking like it will be sort of a 3-part book (not 3 books, just divided into “parts”) and I'm nearing the end of part 1. Of course, in first draft mode, everything is still subject to change!

Anyway, the writing has been going well. As you can see in the picture above, I do most of my writing on a treadmill, which seems to help both my creativity and my back/hips/knees compared to sitting. So I track my progress not only in pages, but also in miles walked at my desk. For a writing day to “count” (my own rule), I have to either write a full page or walk a full mile (say, while revising)–though most days I do much more than that. For example, this past week:

Monday – 5 new pages written, 3.35 miles walked
Tuesday – 10 new pages written, 4.75 miles walked
Wednesday – 3 new pages, 2.3 miles walked (Taekwondo and grocery shopping day)
Thursday – 8 new pags, 6.1 miles walked (and my knees kind of hated me that evening)
Friday – 4 new pages, 3 miles walked
Saturday – 8 new pages, 4.1 miles walked

I'll post more updates in the comments, so if you want to see how it's going (or ask questions–I promise NO SPOILERS) this is the place! 🙂


  1. Brenda Hiatt

    Update since I last posted on my progress:
    Sunday, 8/17, I wrote 6 new pages and walked 2.6 miles
    Monday (yesterday) 8 new pages and 3.3 miles walked (which is excellent for a taekwondo day!)
    Today, 5pp and counting…..
    I think I’m about 1/3 done!

  2. Brenda Hiatt

    6 pages total today, plus a lot of notes. (And a radio interview, so there’s that…) Tomorrow’s another taekwondo/grocery day, so I’m setting the bar lower.

  3. Brenda Hiatt

    Despite taekwondo AND grocery shopping yesterday, I managed 5 new pages and 3.8 miles at my desk. 🙂 However, I also realized I hadn’t planned out Part 2 nearly as thoroughly as I needed to. So…

    Today I walked 4.1 miles, wrote 6 new pages, but also another 2 pages of notes getting all sorts of things clear for myself going forward: timelines, who’s where when, who knows what when, stuff like that. (Trust me, that stuff is turning out to be super important!) Now it’s all written down where I can refer back as I move forward, though, which should be a huge help! 🙂

  4. Brenda Hiatt

    Realized I haven’t updated since Thursday… Friday I wrote 5 new pages and walked 2.16 miles, all between 4 and 5:30pm 🙂

    Saturday and Sunday I had a weekend-long taekwondo poomsae (forms) seminar that took up most of both days, but still managed 4 new pages each day. (1.63 mi. Sat & 2.3 mi. Sunday).

    Will report in on today’s progress later!

  5. Brenda Hiatt

    Okay! 4 new pages Monday and 2.75 miles walked.

    Tuesday, 8/26, a good 7+ new pages and 4 miles walked.

    And the writing feels pretty good for a first draft! 🙂

  6. Brenda Hiatt

    I fell behind with my updates while visiting my in-laws in SC–long road trip each way (about 10 hrs). BUT I actually got some writing done while I was traveling, so I’ll give my totals now!

    Wednesday 8/28: 3 new pages in the car plus a LOT of brainstorming (I put my Muse CD in and let it play through a couple times…yes, older car, no iPod connection.) I think I may have the whole rest of the book worked out now, at least in broad strokes. Woohoo!

    Thursday, 3 more pages during an hour when I closeted myself away from everyone before the big game. (Texas A&M vs Univ. of SC)

    Friday, 3 more pages. (No miles walked any of these days–no treadmill.)

    Saturday, another page in the car and a bit more brainstorming.

    Sunday (yesterday) one new page plus a lot of tweaking of earlier stuff. 1.5 miles walked.

    Writing is going well today so far but I’ll wait till tomorrow (at least) to report a total since I’m not done yet!

  7. Brenda Hiatt

    Two great writing days in a row!

    Yesterday (Monday) I wrote 8 new pages (and walked 4.7 miles)

    Today I wrote NINE new pages (finished chapter 18!) and walked 4 miles at my desk.

    And I think I’m more or less at the halfway point! 🙂

  8. Brenda Hiatt

    I didn’t QUITE keep up with the pace I set Monday and Tuesday, but it’s still been a pretty good writing week!

    Wednesday 9/3 I stayed late after my noon Taekwondo class to work on my forms, since I’m competing in a tournament later this month. But I still managed 3 new pages and 2 miles (and a couple loads of laundry and…)

    Thursday, 4 pages and 2.5 miles at my desk.

    And today, 7 new pages and 3.5 miles (despite staying late at TKD again). Getting close to another big turning point, which always seems to make me write faster…

  9. Brenda Hiatt

    Oops, I’ve fallen behind on my reporting again–but I HAVE been writing.

    Saturday, 9/6, another 7 pages (and 3.3 miles walked) for a 39 page week! For me, that’s pretty fast!

    Sunday, 4 new pages and 1.6 miles

    Monday, 3 pages, 1.1 miles (and taekwondo and grocery shopping…)

    Tuesday, another 3 pages and 1.65 mi. (but I spent most of the day uploading a new boxed set of Regency romances to various vendors)

    Wednesday, 4 new pages, 1.3 miles walked. My younger daughter is visiting, so let’s just say my attention is a bit divided this week!

    Thursday, 9/11 (my older daughter’s birthday) I wrote 3 new pages and walked 1.65 miles.

    Just a page so far today, but I plan to write more! I’ll report back later. 🙂

  10. Brenda Hiatt

    Hm, I seem to only be doing this once a week now, don’t I? Here’s my tally since last time…

    Friday, 9/12 – 3 new pages and I apparently didn’t track my miles. (My daughter’s visit disrupted my routine somewhat…)

    9/13 – Just 2 pages and 1 mile. But that’s the day I had to say goodbye to my 19-year-old kitty, Brie, so I’m giving myself a pass.

    9/14 – 2 pp and 1 mile and taking my daughter to the airport to fly back to LA. (Tough couple of days!)

    9/15 – 4 pages and 1.6 miles, trying to get back into a rhythm.

    9/16 – 6 pages and 3 miles. (That’s more like it!)

    9/17 – 4 pages and 1.5 miles despite taekwondo and grocery shopping

    Thursday, 9/18 – 8 pages and 3 miles. Yes! 🙂 And I’m now definitely at least 2/3 of the way through the first draft of Starfall! 🙂

  11. Brenda Hiatt

    Yikes! I went MORE than a week between updates this time. (Did anyone notice or care? Updating anyway!)
    So, picking up from where I left off…

    Friday, 9/19 – 3 pages, 2.6 miles walked.

    Saturday 9/20 – zip, zero, zilch. I had an all-day Taekwondo tournament, both competing and refereeing (then helping pack everything up) so I actually took a DAY OFF. What a concept!

    Sunday 9/21 – 1 page, 2.6 miles (mostly walked while writing the first draft of my monthly newsletter).

    Monday 9/22 – No new pages, but several tweaks to already-written stuff, plus some notes. Realized I’d outrun my plot and needed to do some cogitating.

    Tuesday 9/23 – Ditto. 3.55 miles. (See, I know how the book ENDS, but hadn’t quite figured out how to get from point Q to point Z.)

    Wednesday 9/24 – 2 new pages (plus more notes and brainstorming), 3.3 miles.

    Thursday 9/25 – 5 new pages, 3.35 miles. Finally moving forward for real again! (Have I mentioned that sometimes writing is really HARD?)

    Friday 9/26 – 4 new pages, 2.1 miles. (Lots of other stuff going on that day but I still wrote!)

    Saturday 9/27 – 4 new pages, 1.6 miles (then the Texas A&M vs Arkansas football game. What can I say?)

    Sunday 9/28 – 6 new pages, 2.4 miles. Yes! The writing is starting to pick up steam again! Woohoo! 🙂

  12. Brenda Hiatt

    It’s been a good writing week!
    Monday, 9/29, I wrote 5 new pages & walked 2.6 miles

    Tuesday, 9/30 – ELEVEN pages and 4.15 miles!

    Wed 10/1 – 6 more pages and 3.25 more miles

    Thursday 10/2 – 9 new pages and 3 miles walked.

    Today (Friday) I had a chance to visit the school I’m loosely basing Jewel High on (about an hour away) which ate up some writing time, but I still managed a couple pages before leaving and hope to squeeze in a couple more before knocking off for the day.

    Just a few more chapters to go! 🙂

  13. Brenda Hiatt

    You’ll be happy to know that even though I stopped posting updates (since I didn’t think anyone was reading them anyway), I’ve been writing all along. I finished the first draft of STARFALL on October 30th and have been revising and editing ever since. I should have it ready for my beta readers in days! On track to have it up for pre-order December 10th for its February 24th release.

  14. Gaurav Sagar

    I’m from India.
    Recently finished reading all the three books of starstruck series. I loved them all very much, and I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to reading the final book ‘Starfall’. I, so desperately, want to know what happens to them after the last book.
    I just wish that it comes out as soon as possible.


    • Brenda Hiatt

      Guarav, I’m so happy you enjoy the books! Starfall is newly up for pre-order (I haven’t even done a post here about it yet) and will be released Feb. 24th. 🙂


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