SpaceX Mars Colonial Transporter!

by | May 3, 2014 | Geeky science stuff | 1 comment

Very cool! SpaceX is moving ahead with plans to colonize Mars with construction of a ship that will supposedly take as many as 100 people at a time. They've already begun development of the 9-Raptor (huge!) engine to power the reusable craft, though it's not expected to be operational for at least another ten years. Wonder what they'll find when they get there?

Check out some of the details at Discovery News and the Wiki article about the project!


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  1. KeithDB

    It seems incredibly ambitious, but so far SpaceX has been able to accomplish everything it has said it will do. I think it will take more time than SpaceX claims, but I think it is more viable than any other effort to put people on Mars, to include the efforts of our unreliable government.


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