Rigel’s unsent love letter….

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(Warning: mild spoilers for those who haven't yet read Starstruck…)

A letter Rigel wrote to M during the time they had to stay away from each other to throw off the bad guys who were searching for her. Unfortunately, it got lost in the jumble of stuff at the bottom of his locker after he hid it to give to her later, but he recently re-discovered it.

Hey, M~

I’m guessing all this staying away from each other—and especially not touching each other—has you feeling nearly as lousy as I do by now? You get why this is necessary, though, right? Just know that no matter how much I act in school like I’m over you, it’s only an act and only to keep you safe! I’ve got to say, sometimes you play your part so well it kind of drives me nuts. Like when you were laughing with Jimmy Franklin the other day. Makes me wonder if it also bothers you to see me flirting with somebody like Trina. Really, it’s just part of the act. No matter how popular she is, she can’t hold a candle to you, M!

Anyway, this note is to remind you (remind both of us!) that what we have between us is still real, even if we’re pretending it’s not for right now. I sure hope it’s only for right now, and not from now on! Don’t think I could survive that. In fact, just thinking about staying away from you for good freaks me out. So I thought it might help to look ahead to a time when these bad guys are gone for good and we can just be like a normal boyfriend and girlfriend, you know? Think about it—holding hands between classes anytime we want, sneaking off to our secret place in the cornfield some afternoons after school. Especially once football season is over and I don’t have to go to practice. How great will that be? Just you and me, together, for whole hours at a time. Makes me warm just thinking about it. And a little less queasy. I probably shouldn’t tell you this, especially now, but I dream about you kind of a lot, M. Maybe someday, when all this is over, I’ll tell you about those dreams. Do you ever dream about me? (Don’t answer that, if the answer is no!)

Sorry, I didn’t mean to get all mushy or make this separation worse for you. If it’s as bad for you as it is for me, it’s pretty awful already. But I want you to know I miss you a lot, even if I can’t show it when anyone else is around. Looking forward to that wonderful day when we can be together for real,

~Your Rigel

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  1. Mary Davis

    *Faints with the cuteness*


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