The Handmaid’s Secret Paperback

She was always a Martian misfit…

Molly has never really fit in anywhere. Even as Handmaid to Martian Sovereign Emileia, her one claim to importance, she feels useless now she’s back on Earth. But all of that changes when an obnoxious, annoyingly handsome Royal boy arrives in Jewel and she makes an unexpected discovery about herself.

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Molly O’Gara is a Martian misfit, born on Mars to Ag farmer parents but adopted and raised by a high-ranking Royal family. Unfortunately Molly lacks the usual skill with plants that go with her birth heritage, while also lacking the prestige she would have as a true Royal. Her only claim to importance is being appointed official Handmaid to the Martian Sovereign, Emileia. Holding such a position is a great honor for a lowly Ag but now that she and Emileia, better known as M, are back on Earth, there is little for Molly to do in that capacity. That is, until a new Royal boy shows up at Jewel High. Though absurdly handsome, Tristan is also arrogant and obnoxious—and seems determined to steal M, the Sovereign, away from her bonded soulmate, Rigel. As Handmaid, Molly’s job now is to keep Tristan away from M and Rigel, even if that means spending way more time in his company than she’d like. Such familiarity breeds contempt, on both sides. At first, anyway…

What readers are saying

“Reading long after bedtime – again! Seems to be a problem with all of Brenda Hiatt’s books and The Handmaid’s Secret was no different…This book is every bit as good as the others and I highly recommend it…I am really looking forward to the next book.” ~Amazon reader

Since the first time I read the ‘starstruck series’ Molly’s character has stuck out. I just knew there was more to her real parents than she knew and thankfully this reveal didn’t disappoint. When the bombshell dropped I had to take a moment to absorb it…more than I could have hoped for.” ~Kathryn, Goodreads reader

“Omg, where do I start? I absolutely loved reading this book from Molly’s P.O.V she is such a good loyal friend to M, then a secret comes out which changes everything! Brenda Hiatt has done a fantastic job in all the starstruck books to keep wanting more!! I can NOT wait for more books to follow.” -Laura, Goodreads reader

“Another AMAZING book in this series! I had a feeling about Molly and was not disappointed! Rather surprised! Seriously, this book was well worth the read and this series is one of my faves!” ~Shantelle, Amazon reader

“Such a well rounded set of characters coming together. Seeing the story gain more depth and substance as it continues to grow in a beautiful world.” ~Malissa, Goodreads reader

“Omg! What an amazing series!! So exciting and keeps you on your toes!! I really hope some day Brenda will write more about all these awesome characters!! I would love to see what happens with M, Molly, Sean and their parnters!! 😍💖” ~Jenny, Goodreads reader

“Molly has long been one of my favorite secondary characters in this series. The fact that she gets her own story and love is so fun. This is a great mix of enemies to lovers and fated mates. The build up to the secret was so natural. It’s obvious Ms. Hiatt has been planning this all along. The story telling is seamless. Tristan is a great character, as well. Their interactions are hilarious and (eventually) heart warming.” ~Aizlynne, Goodreads reader

“Another fantastic addition to an amazing series. A wonderful new tale in the Starstruck series. Delightful characters and even more details of how M and her friends are adapting to the unexpected of life in Jewel.” ~Kris, Goodreads reader

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