Starstruck books 9-11 bundle

The Starstuck Adventure continues!

The much-anticipated continuation of the electrifying Starstruck series, where teen romance blends with science fiction to open a whole new world of action, adventure and discovery in two full-length novels and one holiday novella, now available in a value-priced exclusive bundle!


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The Starstruck adventure continues!

This set includes the two full-length novels and one novella:

Yuletide PerilsIt’s beginning to look a lot like…murder?  A lighthearted holiday murder mystery set in the quirky small town of Jewel, Indiana, where things aren’t always as they seem.

Unraveling the Stars – Bri and Deb notice weird anomalies that suggest their best friend M might have been sucked into a dangerous cult. Worse, the two guys they’re head over heels in love with are members! Now they’re presented with a terrible choice between love and friendship. 

MindboundTo prevent an escaped murderous tyrant from wreaking havoc on her people, young Sovereign Emileia must immerse herself in his twisted mind…but can she deal with the consequences? 

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