Saint of Seven Dials plus 7 Saints Hunt Club eBook Bundle

All six volumes of the bestselling Saint of Seven Dials series AND all three of the Seven Saints Hunt Club novels, now available in a bargain-priced bundle!

The Saint of Seven Dials Series: A Regency Robin Hood? What’s not to love?
For years, all of London has known of the legendary Saint of Seven Dials, that shadowy figure who steals from the rich to give to the poor. But who is he, really?

The Seven Saints Hunt Club Series: Enjoy the casual elegance of horseback riding, country balls, and the hunting season in the Shires, set in the same world as the Saint of Seven Dials series!

This bundle includes nine full-length novels in the Saint of Seven Dials series AND the Seven Saints Hunt Club series as eBooks: Scandalous Virtue, Rogue’s Honor, Noble Deceptions, Innocent Passions, Saintly Sins, Gallant Scoundrel, Tessa’s Touch, The Runaway Heiress, and A Taste for Scandal–40% off compared to other vendors when you buy direct and use the coupon code SPARKLING at checkout!

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This deeply discounted digital mega-bundle includes nine full-length novels!

Scandalous Virtue

An overprotected widow ready to kick up her heels meets a notorious rake trying to reform. Each sees the other as a shortcut to change…until the sparks fly! A sparkling prequel to The Saint of Seven Dials series.

Rogue’s Honor

A runaway duke’s daughter is thrown into the arms of that legendary Regency Robin Hood, the Saint of Seven Dials. Love is the last thing either needs, but when was love ever wise?

Noble Deceptions

An American heiress and a duke's son are forced into a marriage neither wanted. Can unexpected passion turn to love while both hide secret identities? Trusting each other could lead to a lifetime of happiness—or to disaster.

Innocent Passions

A former spy becomes the next Saint of Seven Dials to hunt down a deadly traitor but is distracted by a studious and opinionated young lady. Is she the innocent bluestocking she seems, or the very traitor he’s been seeking? And which is in more danger—his heart or his life?

Saintly Sins

A penniless beauty assumes the identity of the Saint of Seven Dials to save her young brother from the streets. A nobleman, smitten and intrigued by the lovely newcomer, digs beneath the surface only to discover a secret that could ruin them both. But perhaps love is worth the risk…

Gallant Scoundrel

What secret in Harry’s past changed a celebrated war hero into a drunken wastrel? Is he already beyond hope, or can becoming the next Saint of Seven Dials–and the love of the right woman–transform him back into the man he always had the potential to become?

Tessa’s Touch

With a word and a touch, Tessa can tame the most unbroken beasts. But when handsome Lord Anthony gallops into her life, she finds herself faced with a greater challenge than any horse ever posed!

The Runaway Heiress

Dina’s inheritance will go to her wastrel brother unless she marries—quickly! While attempting an elopement, she rescues a naïve young lady from a fortune hunter. When the young lady’s grateful, eligible brother asks Dina to name her reward, she demands marriage. Can the spirit of Christmas turn this marriage of inconvenience into a love match?

A Taste for Scandal

After a barely-averted elopement with a fortune-hunter, Violet Turpin heads to London for a second attempt at a Season. Knowing her penchant for finding trouble, Violet’s brother asks his friend Lord Rushford to keep an eye on her. Rush has his hands full trying to ignore his inconvenient attraction to the madcap Miss Turpin while trying to salvage the betrothal he unwisely agreed to the previous year…

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