Americana Dreaming Complete eBook Bundle

The Complete Americana Dreaming series!

This set includes the three full length novels:

AzaleaAfter an arranged marriage, Azalea’s new husband is lost at sea. Arriving in England six years later, Azalea discovers her husband alive but with no memory of her or their marriage. Worse, he’s betrothed! Can she make him remember the truth before he breaks her heart again?

Ship of Dreams – Half a century before Titanic, there was another Ship of Dreams… Set amid the true events of the final, ill-fated voyage of the SS Central America, a starched-up businessman and a desperate adventuress thrown together by circumstances find true love only to have it threatened by harrowing events.

Bridge over Time – A switch in time! An independent modern woman mysteriously trades places with a near identical ancestress in 1825. Each is desperate to get back to her own time until she falls in love with the very man her counterpart most wanted to avoid. Is it a cruel trick of fate? Or destiny?


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Get the Complete Americana Dreaming Series!

Romantic tales of shipwrecks, time travel, and adventure set in colonial America, land of dreams–now available in one value-priced set!

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