Starstruck Series, #2.5

One Valentine's Kiss

Is one Valentine’s Day kiss too much to ask?

Marsha and Rigel are deeply in love, and have been for months. But Marsha, known to her school friends as M, also happens to be Princess Emileia, born Sovereign of a secret, underground colony on Mars. Unfortunately, Martian tradition decrees that she must pair with Sean, Jewel High’s recently-arrived basketball star, and not Rigel, her soulmate. To prevent Rigel’s execution for “treason,” M agreed to make it look like she and Sean are dating and that she and Rigel are just friends. But this will be their very first Valentine’s Day since falling in love. Surely, after all they’ve gone through, they deserve one real kiss to mark the occasion? They just need to find a way to make it happen without breaking M’s promise to the ever-observant Martian Council.

Written as a Valentine gift to my faithful fans, this story falls between Starcrossed and Starbound, books 2 & 3 of the Starstruck series. However, enough context is included that readers new to the series should also enjoy it (though be warned there are some spoilers!)

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