Starstruck series
The Starstruck Series

Electrifying YA science-fantasy blends the challenges of high school & teen romance with science fiction to open new worlds of action, adventure and discovery!

Saint of 7 Dials complete
A Regency Robin Hood? What’s not to love?

For years, all of London has known of the legendary Saint of Seven Dials, that shadowy figure who steals from the rich to give to the poor. But who is he, really?

Regency Classics complete
Hiatt Regency Classics

Sweet, traditional romance novels in the style of Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer, all set within the same Regency “world.”

7 Saints Hunt Club complete series bundle
The Seven Saints Hunt Club

Enjoy the casual elegance of horseback riding, country balls, and the hunting season in the Shires, set in the same world as the Saint of Seven Dials series!

Americana Dreaming series by Brenda Hiatt
Americana Dreaming

Romantic tales of shipwrecks, time travel, and adventure set in colonial America, land of dreams.

Newly updated and re-released!

A midlife crisis turns into the adventure of a lifetime–if it doesn't kill her first!

Starstruck 10th Anniversary Hardcovers

With all new dust jackets over the beautiful original covers. And maps!

Autographed Paperbacks

All Brenda Hiatt ebooks are also available in paperback, which she can happily autograph for you when you buy direct!


Narrated by the author's daughter, a professional voice-over artist. Better than if Brenda narrated them herself!