Out of Her Depth

Out of Her Depth

A midlife crisis turns into the adventure of a lifetime—but will she survive it?

Instead of a romantic anniversary trip with her husband, Wynne is divorcing the jerk and going to Aruba alone after she finds him cheating. But when she finds a ring while scuba diving, it catapults her into a high-profile murder mystery. It’s the adventure of a lifetime—but will she survive it?

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About the Book

An impromptu midlife adventure turns into a whole lot more than she bargained for! 

The very day she books a trip to Aruba for their 25th wedding anniversary, Wynne discovers her husband cheating on her with a younger woman. Amid the flurry of divorce proceedings, she forgets to cancel the trip, so rather than lose all that money she decides to go alone. Why not enjoy a vacation in a tropical paradise while she figures out what to do with the rest of her life? Determined to step out of her comfort zone, she even goes ahead with those pre-paid scuba diving lessons.

When she finds a wedding ring on the ocean floor during one of her training dives, Wynne has no idea it will catapult her into a high-profile murder mystery. With the help of a handsome insurance investigator, she begins unraveling clues that transform her journey of self-discovery into a thrill ride that will either clear an accused man’s name…or get her killed!  

Genres: Mystery, Other Books
ISBN: 9781947205406