The Saint of Seven Dials

A Regency Robin Hood? What’s not to love?
For years, all of London has known of the legendary Saint of Seven Dials, that shadowy figure who steals from the rich to give to the poor. But who is he, really?

First impressions can be most deceiving!

An overprotected widow ready to kick up her heels meets a notorious rake trying to reform. Each sees the other as a shortcut to change . . . until the sparks fly! A prequel to the Saint of Seven Dials series.

A duke’s daughter in disguise is thrown into the company of the legendary Regency Robin Hood, the Saint of Seven Dials. Love is the last thing either of them needs just now, but when was love ever wise? Book 1 of The Saint of Seven Dials series, now FREE!

An American shipping heiress and the new Saint of Seven Dials find themselves trapped into a marriage neither wants. They soon discover a powerful attraction between them, but even as passion turns to love, both are hiding secret identities that could lead to arrest if discovered. If they can admit to their growing love and trust each other with the truth, it could lead to a lifetime of happiness—or to disaster.

A former spy takes on the role of the Saint of Seven Dials to hunt down a deadly traitor. He finds himself distracted in his quest by a studious and opinionated young lady, newly arrived in London. Is she the innocent bluestocking she appears, or the very traitor he’s been seeking? And which is in more danger—his heart or his life?

After the last Saint retires, a penniless beauty assumes the identity of the Saint of Seven Dials in order to rescue her young brother from the streets. Lord Peter Northrup is both smitten and intrigued by the lovely Sarah Killian, but when he digs beneath the surface, he learns she has a secret that could ruin them both. But perhaps love is worth the risk…
What secret in Harry’s past changed a celebrated war hero into a drunken wastrel? Is he already too far along the path to ruin, or can becoming the next Saint of Seven Dials—and the love of the right woman—transform him back into the man he always had the potential to become?

This all-in-one e-book volume contains all of the Saint of Seven Dials books: Scandalous Virtue, Rogue’s Honor, Noble Deceptions, Innocent Passions, Saintly Sins and Gallant Scoundrel. At the bargain price of $16.99 (direct), it’s like getting more than two books free! ($18.99 at other vendors-still a bargain!)