Hiatt Regency Classics, #4.5

Christmas Promises

When Lord Vandover leaves for London, he promises his grandmother he will return with a bride, for she is quite right that it is high time for him to wed. Unfortunately, with each simpering debutante he meets he regrets that promise more—until he encounters the lovely Miss Holly Paxton. Her directness and unbridled zest for life draw him like a moth to a flame, making his choice clear.

Though undeniably smitten, Holly finds the handsome Marquess far too serious for her taste—and for his own good. She therefore makes a Christmas promise of her own: to bring into Lord Vandover’s life the joy and laughter he so clearly needs. If both of them make good on their promises, they can look forward to a rapturous life together and possibly the best Christmas ever.

A heartwarming courtship prequel to Christmas Bride.

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