Hiatt Regency Classics

A lost wager obliges the Duke of Ravenham to bring a pretty little nobody from the country into fashion for the London Season. That irksome duty turns into something quite different as he falls under the spell of his protege’s innocent charm. Gabriella is in London at her mother’s insistence, but she’d much rather assist in running her father’s veterinary practice than attempt to fit into fashionable society. But the more time she spends in the dashing Duke’s company, the more conflicted she feels— particularly when she discovers they have more in common than she ever dared dream.
A young lady in London for her debut would rather meet celebrated poets than eligible bachelors. In fact, her deepest desire is to have her own poetry published someday . . . until she meets a handsome marquis and Cupid’s arrow strikes. Determined to give love a chance, she transforms herself from the ugly duckling of the family into an elegant woman of fashion. But no sooner does she catch the eye of her intended than she learns he apparently has an aversion to her first love—poetry! Is all lost?
After a fortuneteller prophesies a statuesque blonde as Lord Dearborn’s perfect match, the skeptical Earl is abruptly convinced upon meeting just such a woman. Blinded by her beauty, he barely notices her cousin, a lively, witty brunette. True, he does seem to have more in common with the petite and impoverished Miss O’Day than the divine Miss Rosalind, but she is not in his style at all. Will he seal his fate with the wrong woman, or will his eyes be opened in time to his true Destiny?
The new Earl of Seabrooke needs a fortune—fast! His title came with a mountain of debt, so he’s eking out a living by gaming. When a young buck cannot pay his losses at the table and offers his sister—and her inheritance—instead, Seabrooke jumps at the seemingly perfect solution and agrees to wed Miss Chesterton sight unseen. Appalled to learn of her brother’s bargain, Frederica Chesterton infiltrates Lord Seabrooke’s household as a servant to prove him a fortune hunter. But even as she gathers evidence, she finds herself losing her heart to the handsome Earl. Will revealing her true identity lead to disaster, or to a happy ending neither she nor Lord Seabrooke ever expected?
Lord Vandover has promised to wed by Christmas. It is a promise he regrets more with each simpering debutante he meets—until he encounters the lovely Miss Paxton. Her directness and unbridled zest for life draw him like a moth to a flame. Though smitten, Holly finds the handsome Marquess far too serious. She therefore makes a promise of her own: to bring into his life the joy and laughter he so clearly needs.
Lord Vandover regrets his promise to wed by Christmas until he meets lovely Miss Holly Paxton. Holly finds the handsome Marquess so serious she makes a promise, too: to bring joy and laughter into his life.

A whirlwind courtship, a Christmas wedding, and Holly’s life seems full of promise until her attempt to become a heroine in her own right ends in a terrible conflict of loyalties that could wreck her marriage!

Adventurous Holly would rather spy for England like her twin brother Noel than make her London debut–until she meets the Marquess of Vandover. A whirlwind courtship, a Christmas wedding, and Holly’s life seems full of promise until her inept attempt to become a heroine in her own right ends in a terrible conflict of loyalties. Now Holly must choose between her marriage and her brother’s life!
After an arranged marriage, Azalea's new husband is lost at sea. Arriving in England six years later, Azalea discovers her husband alive but with no memory of her or their marriage. Worse, he’s betrothed! Can she make him remember the truth before he breaks her heart again?

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