7 Saints Hunt Club

Tessa Seaton has a special gift with horses. With a word and a touch, she can tame the most unbroken beast. But when handsome Lord Anthony gallops into her life, she finds herself faced with a greater challenge than any horse ever posed!
Dina must marry before her twenty-fifth birthday or lose her inheritance. Her carefully planned elopement goes awry, so she travels to Gretna Green alone, only to rescue a naïve young lady from a fortune hunter. In gratitude, the young lady’s handsome, eligible brother asks her to name her reward and is stunned when Dina demands marriage. Will a Christmas spent at his parents’ estate turn this marriage of inconvenience into a love match?
He's a celebrated military hero, practical to a fault, with nerves of steel…and he's engaged. She's a free spirit with a taste for scandal. Will they reconcile their differences in time to realize True Love was right under their noses all along?
7 Saints Hunt Club complete series bundle
7 Saints Hunt Club complete series bundle

All three books in a bargain-priced bundle! Available as eBooks or personally autographed paperbacks.