A Taste For Scandal

A Taste For Scandal

Now also in print! The course of true love never did run smooth…

He's a celebrated military hero, practical to a fault, with nerves of steel...and he's engaged. She's a free spirit with a taste for scandal. Will they reconcile their differences in time to realize True Love was right under their noses all along?

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About the Book

The course of true love never did run smooth…

Violet Turpin has always lived for adventure and romance, a combination that has more than once gotten her into trouble. Her first attempt at a London debut was short and disastrous because her love of excitement far outstripped her concern for the proprieties. A few months later, she eloped with a sweet-talking fortune hunter and was only saved from ruin in the nick of time. Now she’s determined to ride in fox hunts, even though that’s not something ladies do.  Knowing all this, her brother asks his friend Lord Rushford to keep a close eye on her during her second attempt at a London Season—a task the earl is reluctant to take on, given his most inconvenient attraction to the madcap Miss Turpin.

His task is made harder by Violet’s plans for her time in London. Not only does she hope to find adventure and True Love, she is determined to meet and assist the fabled Saint of Seven Dials, whom she has long idolized. When a plausible rogue learns of her obsession with the Saint, he hatches a plot of his own to take advantage of it—and her. Rush will have his hands full keeping Violet out of trouble as he tries to catch whoever is impersonating the Saint of Seven Dials, all while trying to reconcile himself to the betrothal he unwisely agreed to the previous year. Will he and Violet realize that True Love is right under their noses in time to prevent a lifetime of regrets?

Book 3 of the 7 Saints Hunt Club series

What readers are saying:

“A fun, rollicking adventure! This was a thoroughly delightful, well written and intriguing story…a madcap adventure. Thank you so much Brenda for this delightfully entertaining reading experience.” ~Daisy, Amazon reader

“Another wonderful title from Brenda Hiatt! When a new book comes out from your favorite author, expectations are high. A Taste For Scandal met my high expectations and was a delight to read. This new addition to the Saints line is funny, sexy, and sweet. Highly recommend.” ~Jenny, Amazon reader

“Book 3 in Brenda Hiatt’s The Seven Saints Hunt Club reminds me why I fell in love with The Saint of Seven Dials and Brenda Hiatt. Thank you Ms. Hiatt for another look into the Seven Saints Hunt Club and please give us more!” ~Dee, Goodreads reader

“A thoroughly entertaining romantic tale This is such a wonderful story. I highly recommend it, although part of a series of books it can be read as a stand-alone. It’s one of those that you read from start to finish and smile the entire time.” ~Amazon reader

“well written and full of surprises” ~TLynn, Goodreads reader

“If you enjoy Regency romances, especially ones that include a bit of mystery and adventure, then add Brenda Hiatt to your reading list. I just finished “A Taste for Scandal” and it had all the elements I love in a good romance. I really had fun reading “A Taste for Scandal.” This book is part of the 7 Saints Hunt Club series, which in turn is a follow up to the Saint of Seven Dials Series. I have not read the others, but I was not lost at all. I highly recommend “A Taste for Scandal” for readers who like headstrong heroines, honor-bound heroes, and stories that include a bit of action and suspense.” ~Auriette, Goodreads reader

“Excellent book and series!! I hope there is more! I want to read Killer’s story! And Storm! I’ll have to wait I guess but read more by Brenda Hiatt” ~Robin, Goodreads reader

“Scandal and mischief Romance, honor, and intrigue, with a side of mischief, who could ask for more?” ~Amazon reader

Series: 7 Saints Hunt Club Series, Book 3
Genre: Historical Romance
ISBN: 9781947205048
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