A Martian Glossary

Since the Starstruck series contains a sprinkling of Martian/Nuathan words, I thought readers might appreciate a glossary all in one place (in addition to the chapter titles in Starcrossed and Starbound). You may notice a vaguely Celtic or Gaelic flavor to the Nuathan language—which makes perfect sense, given the origins of the Martian colony of Nuath (transplanted there from a tiny Irish village some 2500 years ago). Below is an alphabetical listing of the various Nuathan terms (along with a few names and place names) found in one or more of the books, along with their definitions. (Note: if you haven’t yet read the series there may a few spoilers!)

agoid (AH-gyoyd): organized protest; opposition.

aitlean (ayt-lee-AN): airplane; primitive aircraft used extensively by Duchas; Earth’s primary means of intercontinental travel.

Arregaith (ah-ree-GAYTH) (pop. 1,413): town in southeastern Nuath containing the spaceport and supporting industries.

ateamh rioga (ah-TEV ree-OH-gah): A persuasive ability shared by some of Royal blood.

athshondis (ath-SHON-dis): resonance.

Bailerealta (BAY-luh-ree-AL-tuh) (pop. 412): village on the western coast of Ireland, est. circa 1575, populated entirely by Echtrans.

Ballytadhg (BAH-lee-teeg) (pop. 1,106): east-central Nuathan village known for Arts fine and industry.

beidan (BID-den): gossip; scandal.

brath: Martian “vibe” detectable by other Martians.

breag fionn (brag fin): discovery of a lie; detect a falsehood.

Bullochts (bull-ocks): Thugs who enforced tyrannical rule during Faxon's reign.

caidpel (kad-PEL): predominant sport in Nuath combining elements of hurling and Gaelic football.

camastall (KAM-uh-stahl): deception; deceit; falsification.

cannarc (KAN-ark): rebellion; mutiny; resistance.

chabhil (KAB-vil): negotiation; debate; (occ.) ultimatum.

chas pell: Basketball, played on Nuath but regarded as a simple child's game.

Cheile Rioga (KEE-luh ree-OH-gah): Royal Consort.

chomhaerle (KOM-ahr-lee): advice; counsel.

Chomseireach (kom-SAY-rik): Handmaid; lady’s maid, chaperone and companion to Princess or (female) Sovereign.

Cinnwund Rioga (KIN-wund ree-OH-gah): Royal Destiny.

cloigh (kloy): to overpower or overthrow; defeat; subdue.

comhriteach (KOM-ree-teek): compromise.

cosc damaste (kosk DAHM-uh-stay): damage control.

coslacht (ko-SLACT): appearance; impression; influence.

Costanta (ko-STAHN-tuh): Bodyguard assigned to protect the Sovereign or other members of the Royal family.

dabhal: A Nuathan curse, roughly parallels to “damn.”

dhualgis cumann (doo-AHL-gus koo-MAHN): benevolent duty; royal obligation.

dilsacht (DIL-sok): loyalty; allegiance.

Duchas (doo-kas): normal Earth humans.

Dun Cloch: An Echtran enclave in a remote area of Northern Montana.

ealu (AY-loo): to break free, escape, or elope.

Echtran (ek-tran): person of Martian birth or descent living on Earth; expatriate.

Echtran Council: governing body for expatriate Martians living on Earth.

Echtran Enquirer: Unofficial (as opposed to MARSTAR) news source for expatriate Martians on Earth.  Sometimes known for being gossipy.  Note Echtran Enquirer “Masthead.”

edhmiu (FEY-mew): implementation; application.

efrin (EF-rin): Hell; used as a mild curse.

Emileia (em-i-LAY-ah): current Banfriansa (Princess), daughter to Mikal son of Leontine; sole heir to the Nuathan monarchy.

Eodain: One of two houses of the Nuathan legislature. The common house as opposed to the Riogan, the royal house.

Faoda byo Thiarna: “Long live the sovereign” as in Faoda byo Thiarna Emilea for “long live the Sovereign Emilea.”

fasneis (FAHSH-ness): information; intelligence.

fine (feen): genetically related subsets of Martian population, each with certain attributes.

Hefrin: A somewhat stronger, and regarded as more crude, version of efrin.

gaiscigh (GAH-sheeg): heroism; act of extreme bravery.

giola uresal (gee-OH-la OO-ree-sal): menial servant.

Glenamuir (GLEN-uh-mer) (pop. 898): largely Agricultural village in northwest Nuath; longtime home of O’Gara family during Faxon’s reign.

graell (grayl): intense emotional and physical bond believed mythical by most Martians.

grechain (gree-SHAYN): Nuathan information network, both personal and mass-media; news channels within the greater grechain.

Grentl (GREN-tuhl): advanced non-human alien race from an unknown part of the galaxy; likely founders of underground human colony on Mars.

hiarmarti (hee-ehr-MAHR-tee): consequences; results; price to be paid.

Jewel (pop. 5,013): town in north-central Indiana noted for corn, artisan jewelry and annual Jewel Jewelry Festival.

MARSTAR: Official channel for communication from Echtran Council to expatriate Martians living on Earth, generally in the form of MARSTAR Bulletins.

Miochan (mee-OH-kan): healing; curing; a major fine.

naesc geaniteach (nesh gan-it-EEK) genetic affinity.

nimhic (NIV-ik): antidote; cure.

Nuath (NOO-ath): underground human colony on Mars.

omni: a small, multifunctional device developed on Mars.

orinacht (OR-in-ott): propriety; seemliness.

pleanal (plenn-UHL): advance planning; scheming.

probalreith (pro-BAHL-reth): opinion poll; public opinion.

probleid (pruh-BLAYD): privilege; status.

Pryderi (PREE-dairy) (pop. 1,127): Nuathan town southwest of Thiaraway, home to most major Healing facilities

Quintessence (kwin-TESS-ens): one of four passenger vessels used to transport Nuathans between Earth and Mars.

Rigel (RY-jel): a blue supergiant star, approximately 860 light years from Earth located in the constellation Orion where it is known as “Orion’s Left Foot.” It is the 7th brightest star visible from Earth and its brightness (or apparent magnitude) makes it an important navigational star. Rigel Stuart, son of Echtrans Ariel and Van Stuart, is named after this star.

Riogain: One of two houses of the Nuathan legislature. The royal house, as opposed to the Eodain, the common house.

rundacht (ROON-dahct): extreme secrecy; classified information.

scar a cheila (scar ah KAY-lah): separated; torn asunder; ripped apart.

Scriosath: memory erasure, the most complete being the tabula rasa or “blank slate,” the highest form of official punishment.

Sean O’Gara (shawn oh-GAYR-uh): Son of Quinn and Lily O’Gara; destined Cheile Rioga (Royal Consort) to Princess Emileia.

shilcloas (shil-CLO-ahs): hearing another’s thoughts; telepathy.

Sochar: The basic unit of Nuathan currency.

spiare (spee-AH-ray): spy; snoop.

stochail (sto-KAYL): preparation, as for a battle or journey.

streach suas (stretch SOO-ahs): Resist oppression; underground resistance.

taigde (TAG-duh): research; records.

tappacarrs: Small trolley like vehicles used for local transport on Nuath.

Teachneaglis (TAK-nee-glish): small minority of Nuathans and Echtrans who prefer to do without most modern advancements, primarily found in the villages of Bailerealta on Earth, and Keary and Eriu on Mars.

teachneoc (TEEK-nee-ok): technology; gadgetry.

Teachtok: Nuathan communication device used by those who cannot afford an omni.

Thiaraway (thee-ah-rah-WAY) (pop. 81,155): capital city and center of Nuath; seat of Nuathan government; traditional home of Royal family.

tinneas (TIN-es): physical illness. Rare among Martians except in the very elderly.

toachai (TO-uh-kay): future; destiny.

triail (tree-AYL): test or audition; ordeal by trial.

Tullymayne (TULL-ee-mayn) (pop. 1,993): town in southeastern Nuath containing main transportation hub and supporting industries.

twilly: obnoxious person; jerk.

udaris thusmithoir (oo-DARE-is thoos-MITH-er): Parental authority.


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