Cover/title reveal for next Starstruck book

So, last month I was really struggling to come up with just the right title for the Starstruck series book I’m currently writing. I really needed it, too, so I could have the cover designed! I finally decided to do the same thing I did for The Handmaid’s Secret and polled my newsletter readers to see which of my too-numerous ideas they liked best (with a place for them to add their own suggestions). Part of my difficulty was that this book involves more of an ensemble cast, not just M and Rigel. All 3 of the couples I’ve written about play major roles. There’s a new threat (of course), this time to the whole town of Jewel—and all six will need to combine forces to avert it!

Here’s the super-brief blurb I’m using right now to describe it, to be fleshed out once the book is done:

Three couples, two of them newly bonded, use their developing powers to avert a deadly threat. All six will have to work together to achieve this while deepening both their individual romances and their bonds of friendship.

I’d already had two working titles along the way, “Starstruck Superfriends” (mostly for fun) and “The Bond Squad.” Alas, neither of those received more than a tiny handful of votes. The clear winner was CONVERGENT, which actually works really well for the story. And here is the cover my fabulous designer Ravven came up with for it! What do you think? 

Convergent cover new Starstruck novel

Though current events have impacted my writing a bit, I’m still hoping to release the book this summer. Check here or subscribe to my newsletter for first notice when it is available to order! 

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Hi Brenda, I love all your books from this series and I’m just wondering if there will be another one soon.

    Brenda Hiatt

    Aga, that depends on what you mean by “soon.” I’m still in the brainstorming phase, so don’t expect it within the next few months. But thanks for your nice words about my Starstruck books! 🙂


Love it

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