A Starstruck Quiz

If you’re a fan of my Starstruck novels, maybe you’ve wondered which Martian fine you might belong to if you’d grown up in Nuath. I know I have! For those who haven’t read the books yet, or who have only read Starstruck, a little explanation may be in order. For that, I refer you to the previous post, Nuath: A Brief History. (Warning, if you haven’t yet read the Starstruck series, there are spoilers!)

In Nuath, the secret underground colony on Mars, humans long ago separated themselves into groups, or fines, based on bloodlines and innate abilities. Over time, those groups became more defined and rigid, resulting in what is essentially a class structure. Some of the larger fines include Science, Agriculture, Arts, Communications, and, of course, Royal. Take this fun (and, okay, slightly silly) quiz to find out which one you might belong to!


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Sherry Burleson

I’ve just found this series and am so wrapped up into them. You write your characters so believable they feel as though they are my friends. I do hope your newest book comes out soon. Can’t wait to see what happens next.


I wish you would finish the Starstruck series. What is going to happen to the two royal sisters? Well all these young people grow up stadia there and live happy lives? Please tell there is another book and I am just missing it.
Thank you,
Donna Olson

    Brenda Hiatt

    Donna, there WILL be another book, but it’s not available (or even quite written) yet. I’ve started it, though, and hope to release it early next year!

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