Cover/Title Reveal for Molly’s Book!

August 23, 2018

Since late spring, I’ve been teasing readers in my newsletter and Facebook reader group about Molly’s book—the one that mugged me halfway through writing my next historical romance. I was slightly “stuck” on a couple of plot points in Violet’s book (the historical) when Molly suddenly started whispering to me. For a while I tried writing both books at once, but discovered I can’t seem to split my focus that way. Before I knew it, Molly’s story had consumed me to the point I didn’t have room in my brain for anything else. (You’ll be next, Violet, I promise!) Once I realized I was fully invested, I quickly lined up my cover designer, the inimitable Ravven, since she gets booked up months ahead. I gave her a few ideas for story elements that might work as images and, as always, she did an amazing job of turning them into this incredible cover.

As I was finishing up the second draft, I asked my wonderful newsletter subscribers to help me choose a title from among a few I’d been kicking around. Lucky for me, the one most of them chose just happened to be my own favorite—one suggested by my daughter (and narrator and alpha reader), Bethany. Now that the book is with my editor,  I’m delighted to announce the upcoming release of The Handmaid’s Secret, due to arrive this coming October!

Keep checking back for pre-order links, which I’ll post here as they become available!

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Ulrike Stobbe

I am looking forward to reading Molly’s book soon!
Are you planning on writing another one about M and Rigel from their respective perspectives? I would very much like to read more about them and their development 🙂 !
Best wishes from Cologne, Germany,

    Brenda Hiatt

    Hello, Ulrike! Yes, I plan for the next book to be much more about M and Rigel (though the others will be in the story, too). But M does have a fairly major role in The Handmaid’s Secret, too! 🙂

Margaret Snead

Will this book be offered on Amazon?

    Brenda Hiatt

    Yes, Margaret, it will be available on all the vendors. iBooks makes it easy to put up an early pre-order without a final, polished book file (which can be difficult at Amazon) so I usually put my pre-orders up at iBooks first. I’ll have pre-orders at the other vendors a week or two before release. Thanks for asking! 🙂

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