All 6 Starstruck books now in print!

I know some of my readers still prefer to read print books, books they can hold in their hands, to ebooks. And I’ll admit that print books make MUCH better gifts, so there’s that, too. So I apologize for taking so long to make Fractured Jewel and The Girl From Mars available in paperback. But aren’t they pretty, now that I have? All six books are now available from Amazon and some other online retailers, and should be order-able by your favorite bookstore or library.

Starstruck books in print

Sometime soon, I hope to be able to offer autographed paperbacks from my website, but in the meantime I can send autographed book plates or take individual orders for signed books and accept payment via PayPal, for those interested. (You can contact me using the “Contact Me” link above.)

After all, Christmas will be here sooner than you think! 😉

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I love this series even though it s YA series. Are you going to get Fractured Jewel, A Girl from Mars, and the Handmaiden’s Secret in audiobook?
Thank you

    Brenda Hiatt

    Hi, Sherry!
    Yes, I do plan to have the whole series in audio–in fact, Fractured Jewel is already an audiobook. My narrator had a baby, which put her recording schedule on pause for a while, but she’s now eager to get back to it. I’ll make an announcement here (and in my newsletter) when the next one is available!

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