Those of you who have been asking when (or if) there’ll be another Starstruck book, rejoice! A brand-new Starstruck novella, Fractured Jewel, is nearly ready for release! This novella picks up where Starfall left off, setting the stage for a new spin-off series that will feature characters and places you’ve already come to know, along with some new ones.

As I mentioned in my last newsletter, I’m not exactly what anyone would call a fast writer. I’m too much of a perfectionist to let a book (or novella) go–even to my editor–before I’m sure I’ve made it absolutely the best I’m capable of. The fact that I write in two different genres (which means I have two different sets of readers demanding more books) slows things down even more! Last year, most of my writing efforts were devoted to giving my long-deprived historical romance readers a book they’d been begging for for several years. But practically the moment Gallant Scoundrel released, on the last day of February, I dove back into my Starstruck world. Fractured Jewel is now being edited, and I’m already starting to draft another full-length novel for my teen fiction readers to enjoy. I’m hoping to release that book by the end of the year, but…see above. 🙂 You’ll get first word in my newsletters and here at my Starstruck website!


If you haven’t finished all four books of the Starstruck series yet, you may not want to read the end of this post!

a Starstruck novella

Change is never easy. Sometimes it’s downright dangerous.

Over the past year, M and Rigel have averted various threats: to their relationship, to M’s people and to both Mars and Earth. M’s aunt now knows the truth about her origins and M and Rigel no longer need to hide that they’re a couple. The future looks bright…but not everyone is happy with the way things are changing. When unexpected resistance arises from multiple quarters, M and Rigel will again have to work together to safeguard both the secret of their people and the little town of Jewel, Indiana.


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