Incompetence in the new regime? NASA finds OUR water on Mars!

Evidence of Gross Incompetence? NASA Discovers Nuathan Wastewater Release

28 September, 2015 by Gwendolyn Gannett

On September 28th NASA, the Duchas’ rudimentary Space organization, announced the discovery of flowing water on Mars.  NASA detected this by means of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) which we have now allowed to orbit  Mars for nearly ten years, despite various protests.  The MRO detected dark stains on the surface of Mars flowing down side of mountains and hills during the warmer periods on Mars.

Echtrans will, of course, recognize that the water flows are, in fact, waste water releases from Nuath flowing down from their exhaust ports, which clearly were inadequately disguised from such discovery.

I’m told that the Echtran Counsel wishes to assure all Echtrans that the  existence of Nuath remains securely secret from the general Duchas population.  Our highly placed scientists embedded deep in NASA have assured us that various suitable cover stories for this observation are more than satisfactory to continue to mislead Duchas scientists for a considerable period of time.  Cover stories related to potential aquifers or other underwater natural sources on Mars are already being spread via NASA and the Duchas media.

Many have questioned the decision to allow the MRO mission to succeed in achieving Martian orbit. However, the Echtran Counsel agreed unanimously that yet another failed Mars mission would add to existing suspicions related to the “Martian Curse.”  I suppose one can only expect to use the “forgot to switch from metric to English measures” once, after all.

Still, it is widely believed that recent events involving our new Sovereign may eventually lead to revealing the existence of Nuath to the Duchas. For the moment, however, both the Sovereign and the Echtran Counsel, seem to agree that the time for this is not yet appropriate. Let us hope that this latest oversight will not prematurely hasten that day!


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