My working map of Jewel, Indiana

WelcomeToJewelI thought it would be fun to share a (slightly) prettied-up version of the scribbled hand-drawn map I used to keep myself straight on exactly what is where in downtown Jewel, and where downtown is in relation to other things important or mentioned in the Starstruck books. Obviously there are lots more houses, buildings and businesses than what I’ve drawn in here, but rather than make the map cluttered and confusing, I only drew and labeled the stuff that matters—places M and Rigel regularly go or that have been important one way or another to their story over the course of four books. (Obviously, Jewel High and the clearing in the cornfield are also important, but I never bothered to draw up maps of those. Sorry!)

When I get a chance, I’ll also try to pretty up my rough-sketched maps of Bailerealta (Ireland) and Nuath (Mars)—though probably not before Starfall releases in a few days. Getting ready for that has me hopping enough at the moment! Don’t forget it can still be pre-ordered for half price ($2.99 instead of $5.99)!

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