A matter of perspective

I just shared this on Facebook and decided I wanted to share it here, too. Because it’s so, so easy to get caught up in our little, everyday concerns until we blow them way out of proportion and lose sight of the REALLY important things in life. Like family. And friends. And love. Those things are never small, even in the grand scheme of things. But a one-star review (like I just got on Starstruck the other day)? Or that unkind thing someone said–someone you thought was a friend? Or even that fender bender you had on the way to the store? All small stuff. Stuff that won’t matter the teensiest bit five years from now… or on the other side of the planet, much less the other side of the galaxy!

Sometimes it helps to remember that.

So take a step back occasionally to think about what’s really important. And what’s not worth wasting time, energy or angst on. (And feel free to share your thoughts about those things here, if you’d like!)

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Brenda Hiatt

I wish more people would realize that! It would be a happier, more peaceful world.


Such a great post! So true, that we need to put things into perspective and not get overworked about small things.

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