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The course of true love never did run smooth...

He's a celebrated military hero, practical to a fault, with nerves of steel...and he's engaged.  She's a free spirit with a taste for scandal. Will they reconcile their differences in time to realize True Love was right under their noses all along?

Available at all vendors June 4th!

Welcome to the
mixed-up worlds
of Brenda Hiatt!

Because I love variety, here you’ll find romantic novels spanning Regency England, Americana, contemporary teen science fiction and more. No matter which era or genre you gravitate to, you’re bound to find excitement, romance and, always, an uplifting happy ending. So delve into my books to discover whole new worlds of sparkling romantic adventure!

escape into sparkling romantic adventure...

Historical Romance News & New Releases

It’s wonderful to have every single one of my novels out in the world again, most of them newly edited, and all of them with lovely new covers I commissioned myself.  What a wonderful time to be an author! (I was even able to use my own daughters as cover models for Ship of Dreams and The Cygnet. How fun is that?)

Now available!

The Saint of Seven Dials Complete Collection: All six novels in one value-priced volume! 

Gallant Scoundrel,  the long-awaited 5th book in my Saint of Seven Dials series (Harry’s story) released on February 29th, Leap Day! Now available at all vendors, my historical readers can finally leap into a NEW sparkling romantic adventure story!

Jetzt auf deutsch/Ora in italiano!
All of my historical romance novels are now available in
German and Italian, with French translations also in progress!

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