A Christmas Surprise!

When another customer unexpectedly drops dead while Rigel is picking up M’s Christmas present, foul play is suspected. But only Rigel realizes that whatever killed the obnoxious old woman was intended for him, instead! He calls upon the other members of the newly-formed Bond Squad to help him unravel the mystery before the killer tries again. A lighthearted holiday murder mystery set in the quirky small town of Jewel, Indiana, where things aren’t always as they seem.

Yuletide Perils: A Starstruck Novella by Brenda Hiatt
Unraveling the Stars Starstruck Series Book 8 by Brenda Hiatt cover

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A terrible choice between love and friendship

You suspect your best friend has been sucked into a dangerous cult. Worse, the guy you’re hopelessly in love with is a member! Rescuing your friend will ruin your budding romance…but what choice do you have?

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Because I love variety, here you’ll find romantic novels spanning Regency England, Americana, contemporary teen science fiction and more. No matter which era or genre you gravitate to, you’re bound to find excitement, romance and, always, an uplifting happy ending. So delve into my books to discover whole new worlds of sparkling romantic adventure!

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