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Wynne has just booked a 25th anniversary trip to Aruba when she catches her husband cheating on her. After divorcing the jerk, she decides to go to Aruba alone to figure out what to do with her life. Taking the scuba lessons she already paid for seems like a good start. 

When she finds a wedding ring during one of her training dives, she has no idea it will catapult her into a high-profile murder mystery. With the help of a hunky insurance investigator, she begins unraveling clues that might set an accused man free…or get her killed! 

Welcome to the
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Because I love variety, here you’ll find romantic novels spanning Regency England, Americana, contemporary teen science fiction and more. No matter which era or genre you gravitate to, you’re bound to find excitement, romance and, always, an uplifting happy ending. So delve into my books to discover whole new worlds of sparkling romantic adventure!

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