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Whether you’re one of my longtime readers, someone who has just discovered my books, or you’re just poking around the rest of my website after checking out my money surveys, I’m delighted you’re here! I do my best to keep this page updated with my latest doings, with regard to my books as well as my author earnings surveys, so check back often.

Breaking news:

Rogue’s Honor, the first book in my popular Saint of Seven Dials series of Regency historical romances, is free for the next week or two! Enjoy, and feel free to spread the word!

A few trusted readers are going over the draft of book 3 in my teen science fiction Starstruck series while I begin writing book 4. Look for STARBOUND to release sometime in June! Meanwhile, early reviews on STARCROSSED, book 2 in the series, are quite gratifying, as is the continuing feedback on Book 1, STARSTRUCK (now reduced to $4.99). I’m still super excited about this series and hope you’ll spread the word about it to everyone you know who enjoys teen fiction, romance and/or science fiction!

In other news…

For over a year now, I’ve been part of a sparkling group of Historical Romance authors who have banded together as The Jewels of Historical Romance. In addition to giving away a FREE anthology of our favorite scenes, we collaborate on other fun projects, including contests for our readers. (Our April giveaway is a $50 ebook gift certificate! Enter now!) This month we’re throwing a Spring Fling ball in our Facebook Salon, to celebrate the April 21st release of The Winter Stone, a collection of three new Scottish novellas from Jewel sisters Tanya Anne Crosby, Glynnis Campbell and Laurin Wittig. It’s currently available for pre-order for just 99 cents!

I continue to update my indie earnings survey and my traditional publisher survey, adding occasional new publishers (and deleting a few old ones). Click on “Show Me The Money,” above, to see the latest versions. I’d love to include your data in my next update, if you’re willing to share (always anonymously, of course!) See details on the survey pages, under the “Show Me the Money” tab, above.

And now, for the books…

Gabriella ebook coverGABRIELLA

A lost wager obliges the Duke of Ravenham to bring a pretty little nobody from the country into fashion for the London Season. That irksome duty turns into something quite different as he falls under the spell of his protege’s innocent charm. Gabriella is in London at her mother’s insistence, but she’d much rather assist in running her father’s veterinary practice than attempt to fit into fashionable society. But the more time she spends in the dashing Duke’s company, the more conflicted she feels— particularly when she discovers they have more in common than she ever dared dream.

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Available NOW! 

Starcrossed coverSTARCROSSED, book 2 in my new Starstruck Series!

Formerly a nerdy nobody, Marsha is the newly discovered princess of a secret civilization. Even better, she’s dating her literal soulmate. But when a new boy arrives at Jewel High, everything M thought she knew about herself and her future turns upside down. Will the destiny that lifted her from obscurity now tear her away from Rigel and their happy ever after?

Available now at Amazon, B&NiBooks,  Kobo and Smashwords!

Starstruck thumbnailSTARSTRUCK

The middle of nowhere just got a lot more interesting!
Nerdy, orphaned astronomy geek Marsha, M to her few friends, dreams of escaping tiny Jewel, Indiana and becoming “somebody”—a distant dream until hot new quarterback Rigel inexplicably befriends her. As Rigel turns his back on fawning cheerleaders to spend time with M, strange things happen: her acne clears up, her terrible eyesight improves, and when they touch, sparks fly—literally! When M digs for a reason, she discovers deep secrets that will change her humdrum life forever and expose her to perils she never dreamed of. Read the first few chapters FREE at Wattpad! My very first teen novel, Starstruck is a contemporary romance with a dollop of science fiction thrown in. It is available in print and ebook at Amazon and Barnes & Noble and in ebook at Kobo, Smashwords and Apple iTunes.

Rogue's HonorROGUE’S HONOR is the first book in my Regency historical “Saint of Seven Dials” series.

A duke’s daughter disguises herself as a maid to avoid a marriage that would snatch away her inheritance. She is nearly discovered but is rescued from certain social disaster by a seeming servant who is in fact the legendary Regency Robin Hood, the Saint of Seven Dials. Love is the last thing either of them needs just now, but when was love ever wise? FREE for a limited time on Kindle , iBooks, Kobo and Smashwords and just 99¢ for Nook!


SB_Box-SetSCANDALOUS BRIDES (4 bestselling full-length novels!)
This New York Times and USA Today bestselling boxed set of four full-length Regencies is available at the bargain price of just $9.99, a huge savings over the individual books!
Bestselling authors Annette Blair, Cheryl Bolen, Lucinda Brant, and Brenda Hiatt present the best of their best!
Fall in love with bewitchingly scandalous brides and their dashing grooms in this box set of 4 full-length Regencies including: UNFORGETTABLE ROGUE by Annette Blair, A LADY BY CHANCE by Cheryl Bolen, SALT BRIDE by Lucinda Brant, and SCANDALOUS VIRTUE by Brenda Hiatt.
Available at Amazon, Kobo, B&N and iBooks!


It’s wonderful to have every single one of my novels out in the world again, most of them newly edited, and all of them with lovely new covers I commissioned myself.  What a wonderful time to be an author! (I was even able to use my own daughters as cover models for SHIP OF DREAMS and THE CYGNET. How fun is that?) It’s been both exciting and rewarding to finally make these books available again after several years out of print, and I hope those of you who missed them the first time around will enjoy the chance to read them.

To answer a frequently asked question: Though my Saint of Seven Dials books are linked, each absolutely stands alone and it is not necessary to read them in order. This also goes for TESSA’S TOUCH (formerly TAMING TESSA) and THE RUNAWAY HEIRESS, which are spin-offs from that series, though not technically a part of it. Linked or not, all of my Regency-set books (including my traditional Regency romances) are set in the same “world” with a few recurring peripheral characters, so I hope you’ll feel at home with whatever book you happen to pick up.

As you can see, I’m still busy writing new books, though not (at the moment) Regency-set historicals. I do plan to write more books in that world in the future. Meanwhile, look for STARBOUND, book 3 in my Starstruck series, this summer!

Again, thanks for stopping by!