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Breaking news:

STARSTRUCK has had a spate of extremely gratifying contest wins recently! It has now taken first place in the YA categories of the National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award, the Book Buyer’s Best Awards, the “I Heart Indie” Awards and the International Digital Awards, as well as taking 2nd place in the Readers Choice Heart of Excellence Awards. There are now three books in the Starstruck series, with the fourth and final book, Starfall, due for release in February 2015. For more about this series, to include special content, check out the  Starstruck Series website. :)

REGENCY MASQUERADES, a boxed set of 6 full-length traditional Regency romances, is newly released and available for a limited time at just $3.99! My own Regency, Daring Deception, is included, along with classic novels from Lynn Kerstan, Allison Lane, Gail Eastwood, Alicia Rasley and Elena Greene.

ROGUE’S HONOR is now FREE at ALL e-vendors! This is the first time it’s EVER been free for Nook. Woohoo!

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Scandalous Virtue

Rogue's Honor  Noble DeceptionsInnocent PassionsBrendaHiatt_SaintlySins_600






Tessa's TouchThe Runaway HeiressSHIPOFDREAMSecoverAll-in-one Saint Collection








Gabriella ebook coverLDD ebook coverTheCygnetDaringDeception300x450

A Christmas BrideAzalea








Starstruck thumbnailStarcrossed cover Starbound cover






HUMOROUS MYSTERY                                                          


Out Of Her Depth

 .                                                          Bridge Over Time






_RM3DWebREGENCY MASQUERADES: A Limited Edition Boxed Set of Six Traditional Regency Romance Novels of Secrets and Disguises
Six beloved bestselling and award-winning Regency authors bring you six full-length novels of disguise, deception and secret identities. From sweet to subtly sensual, these traditional Regency Romances demonstrate that true love can see through even the most elaborate mask!
Released October 13th. Just $3.99 for a limited time!
Available at Amazon, Nook, iBooks & Kobo


SB_Box-SetSCANDALOUS BRIDES (4 bestselling full-length novels!)
This New York Times and USA Today bestselling boxed set of four full-length Regencies is available at the bargain price of just $9.99, a huge savings over the individual books!
Bestselling authors Annette Blair, Cheryl Bolen, Lucinda Brant, and Brenda Hiatt present the best of their best!
Fall in love with bewitchingly scandalous brides and their dashing grooms in this box set of 4 full-length Regencies including: UNFORGETTABLE ROGUE by Annette Blair, A LADY BY CHANCE by Cheryl Bolen, SALT BRIDE by Lucinda Brant, and SCANDALOUS VIRTUE by Brenda Hiatt.
Available at Amazon, Kobo, B&N and iBooks!


Jewels of Historical RomanceThe Jewels of Historical Romance have created a sparkling collection just for you!

Have you ever longed to ask your favorite author which of her scenes she loves best? Twelve internationally bestselling, award-winning historical romance authors, all Jewels, have selected their favorite scenes to share with you in this special volume! Each gem-sized scene is the perfect length to read over a cup of coffee or before falling asleep at night. From the glittering ballrooms of the Regency to the majesty of Medieval castles, sample the sparkling best from the Jewels of Historical Romance. FREE!

amazon-mini bn-mini ibooks-mini kobo-mini smashwords-mini


It’s wonderful to have every single one of my novels out in the world again, most of them newly edited, and all of them with lovely new covers I commissioned myself.  What a wonderful time to be an author! (I was even able to use my own daughters as cover models for SHIP OF DREAMS and THE CYGNET. How fun is that?) It’s been both exciting and rewarding to finally make these books available again after several years out of print, and I hope those of you who missed them the first time around will enjoy the chance to read them.

To answer a frequently asked question: Though my Saint of Seven Dials books are linked, each absolutely stands alone and it is not necessary to read them in order. This also goes for TESSA’S TOUCH (formerly TAMING TESSA) and THE RUNAWAY HEIRESS, which are spin-offs from that series, though not technically a part of it. Linked or not, all of my Regency-set books (including my traditional Regency romances) are set in the same “world” with a few recurring peripheral characters, so I hope you’ll feel at home with whatever book you happen to pick up.

As you can see, I’m still busy writing new books, though not (at the moment) Regency-set historicals. I do plan to write more books in that world in the future (yes, to include Harry Thatcher’s long-awaited story!)

Again, thanks for stopping by!